Even Italy and Spain impressed with Vettel’s drive

Sebastian Vettel managed even to impress the Ferrari-loving Italian press with his historic race through the field in Abu Dhabi.

“The German is unmatched,” said Corriere dello Sport. “He showed all his talent that had been hidden behind his superior Red Bull,” the newspaper added, referring to Vettel’s climb from dead last in the pitlane to third at the flag. “He is a driver on a par with Alonso and perhaps even beyond.”

La Stampa added: “The winner (Kimi Raikkonen) is the past (for Ferrari), second place (Fernando Alonso) is the present, and it is rumoured that third place (Vettel) is the future.”

Alonso’s native Spanish press was also impressed with Vettel’s drive, insisting Sunday “removed any doubt from the minds of those who said he cannot withstand the pressure, or that he needs to always start from the front to win, or that he is no good at overtaking, or that he becomes world champion only because of his cars.”

According to Bild newspaper, Red Bull’s Dr Marko fully agrees.

“If after such a race there are still those who claim Vettel’s performances are subject only to the car, they do not know what they are talking about.”

Agreed F1 legend Niki Lauda: “For me, Vettel and Alonso are in the same league.”


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