Euro 2012 fever grips F1 paddock in Montreal

Canada is in the grip of F1 fever, but in the Montreal paddock, it is football fever that is rampant among the sport’s travelling circus. That is because Euro 2012, UEFA’s European football championship, has kicked off in Poland and the Ukraine.

On Saturday, Germany’s match against Portugal was set to kick off just minutes after qualifying. When asked a mundane question about his helmet design immediately after taking pole on Saturday, an impatient Sebastian Vettel smiled: “It (the answer) might take too long …”

Quipped Lewis Hamilton: “I think that’s the best and shortest answer I’ve ever heard him give!”

Fernando Alonso, in the post-qualifying press conference as well, also teased Vettel: “As Seb wants to go, I will give you a very long answer now, starting from my go-kart helmet …”

Ultimately, Vettel caught the kickoff and watched Germany win 1-0 from the comfort of Bernie Ecclestone’s marquee.

And Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports that Mercedes rearranged Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg’s media and briefing commitments in order to watch the match together.

Rosberg was seen sporting suitable black, red and yellow glasses, hat and inflatable hand.

“I will try to watch all of the games,” he confirmed.

Spain plays Italy on Sunday, which could be awkward for Spaniard Alonso, who is Ferrari’s much-loved number one driver.

“If Spain wins,” said the driver, “I think there may not be many people at my pitstop!”


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