Epsilon Euskadi hopes to be on revised 2010 entry list

Epsilon Euskadi, the Basque racing squad omitted from the original 2010 entry list, is waiting with bated breath for the publication of the revised entry list tomorrow.

The team, led by ex-Ferrari, McLaren and Renault engineer Joan Villadelprat, was mystified to be left out originally, when new teams such as Manor GP, Campos and US GPE were announced in their stead. Epsilon have a magnificent wind tunnel facility, and are thought to be well-funded, and so Villadelprat told Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos that he had a sneaking suspicion his team would find themselves on the grid in 2010.

”Tomorrow the definitive list is published and we will see what happens,” said Villadelprat. ”We were expecting to be competing with names with a long tradition like Aston Martin, and Lola, but yet all three have been left out,” he said.

The respected engineer went on to say that he would prefer the big teams to be in F1 next year, but that they had to see the need to reduce costs drastically.

”We want to be in F1, but with the big teams at our side…and we can make a good car without spending €300 million,” he said.

The Spaniard finished by saying he thought that the current FIA/FOTA war and the possibility of a new series was detrimental to the spirit of the sport.

”For the good of F1, I hope there won’t be a parallel championship,” he said.