Engine Freeze Reduced to Five Years

It has been reported that the freeze on engine development has been shortened to five years in anticipation of other radical plans such as budget caps.

F1 teams have agreed to shorten the length of the engine freeze and, in line with aims the of the FIA, are looking for other ways to cut costs. Formula One team principals met with FIA officials in Paris on Friday to discuss cost cutting measures such as budget caps and limits on the amount of wind tunnel testing time allowed.

It appears that some of the more radical plans such as the wind tunnel limits have been rejected by teams, however it was agreed that measures such as budget capping may have a place in Formula 1 in the future.

The freeze on engine development was meant to last for ten years, however this has been shortened to five years partly due to the fact the FIA are working on a new engine concept which may be introduced into the sport in 2013. It is believed that the new engine plans will see a more environmentally friendly engine which is also more cost-effective.

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