Ecclestone: we’ve seen 70 teams come and go

d03mal343Bernie Ecclestone has implied that the loss of Ferrari would not spell the end of F1.

The FOM Chairman said that in his time in the sport he had seen more than 70 teams come and go, which includes names like Lotus, Maserati, Ford, Honda and Jaguar.

Ecclestone was responding as Ferrari yesterday mocked the 2010 entry list. Ferrari suggested on their official website that the quality of the teams entering the proposed budget-capped 2010 grid is wholly inferior to the current line-up. A dismissive line says that none of the teams have recognisable names, and so the sport should be renamed “Formula GP3”.

Bernie Ecclestone told Autosport that he was unflustered by Ferrari’s antagonistic tactics.

“It is an opinion, isn’t it? We’ve had more than 70 teams in and out since F1 started,”

But in a more conciliatory tone, Ecclestone acknowledged the significance of the Maranello marque, and said that no-one wanted to see them go.

“The only people who have been consistent are Ferrari, because they have been there from day one. So, we don’t want to lose Ferrari.”