Ecclestone wants McLaren punishment

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has said he is 100% behind the investigation over McLaren team orders at the Monaco Grand Prix. Ecclestone has gone on record as saying that he doesn’t believe a fine would hurt McLaren enough.

The controvesy stems from the rumour that Ron Dennis requested that his rookie driver Lewis Hamilton not take any risks during the race, and that he should let Alonso win the race. Many in the F1 paddock believe that Hamilton had the skill to win the race and that team orders have prevented him from taking his maiden F1 victory. However, Ron Dennis does not believe his team have done anything wrong.

“Team strategy is what you bring to bear to win a Grand Prix,” Dennis explained. “Team orders is what you bring to bear to manipulate a Grand Prix. And we do not, and have not, manipulated the Grand Prix.”

Bernie Ecclestone believes that if McLaren did hand out team orders, they should have a severe punishment. “I don’t know what the team orders are or were,” Ecclestone began. “One this is for sure, if there were team orders which relate to the position of the two drivers – if somebody is told to move over or hold their position – it is against all the sporting regulations we have. If there were orders, they would be getting off lightly if they get the same sort of fine as Ferrari. They could be excluded from the championship or they could have points deducted.

“A fine for McLaren, with it’s money, would not have the same effect as docking points.”

The FIA has spent the last couple of days reviewing evidence, including radio transmissions between the cars and the mechanics. It is expected that they will announce their conclusions on Wednesday afternoon.

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