Ecclestone to marry for third time

Bernie Ecclestone is getting married for a third time.

His first wife was Ivy, and they had a daughter, Deborah. 81-year-old Ecclestone’s best known marriage, however, was to Slavica, a former Croatian model who, at six foot two, conspicuously stood a foot taller than diminutive Bernie. Their two daughters are socialites Tamara, 27, and Petra, 23.

They were divorced in 2009 after a 24-year marriage, but Slavica remained entrusted with most of her former husband’s huge wealth.

Ecclestone met his new fiancee, Fabiana Flosi, through his work, as she formerly worked on the marketing of the Brazilian grand prix.

“We are officially engaged – and it is not going to be a long engagement either,” Ecclestone told the Daily Mail newspaper. “We are so happy and it’s just a case of when we get married, not if, though we haven’t fixed a time or place yet.

“We have been together for two years and what makes it work is that Fabiana has a really good sense of humour — and when you live with me you need to have a sense of humour,” he explained. “Though I must say I am absolutely no trouble at home and I think she is lucky to have me.”

Fabiana’s diamond engagement ring is thought to have cost about $160,000.

She is five foot ten — shorter than Slavica but still head-and-shoulders above her billionaire fiance.

“I didn’t need to go down on one knee,” Ecclestone quipped.


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