Ecclestone prays it’s a load of nonsense

Bernie Ecclestone is anxious to see the McLaren-Ferrari espionage saga brought to and end and hopes that the charges brought against McLaren will be proven meaningless. Ecclestone is worried that the drama is damaging the sport and the sooner it is brought to an end, the better. McLaren are facing the FIA in Paris today over accusations that they have engaged in “fraudulent conduct.” If found guilty, they could face a severe penalty such as being docked championship points, or even disqualified from the competition.

Speaking to British newspaper The Time, Ecclestone said, “I don t think anyone s going tomake a decision on the world championship without really looking into everything. Please god, nothing s gone wrong and it will all be a lot of nonsense. It would be better it didn t happen in the first place and it would be obviously beneficial if it was cleared up and everybody was sort of happy. There s been so much talked about this spying nonsense, it s even taking away from what s going on on-track. I don t like it.”

When asked if he felt if the World Motor Sport Council will feel obliged to penalize McLaren in order to be seen to be taking action by the public, Ecclestone replied, “No they only need to be doing something if something s happened that shouldn t have happened. It s just that simple.”