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Ecclestone planning standard F1 engine

Bernie EcclestoneBernie Ecclestone is reported to be working on a plan which will see Formula One engines standardized.

According to British newspaper The Times, Ecclestone and Mosley are planning to impose regulations which would mean an engine must last for half of the season, potentially greatly reducing the costs associated with running an F1 car.

It is also understood that they are planning to have a single engine specification. Each team will still be required to build the engine, however the only difference between them will be the name on the block.

The proposals mark a massive change with some fans concerned that it will be massively detrimental to the sport. Formula One has always been perceived as the pinnacle of motor sport and there are worries that the new proposed rules, although making the sport more competitive between drivers, will reduce the competitive element between teams and lose some of it s engineering brilliance.

“The thing I am most excited about is pushing and pushing and pushing the homologated engine idea,” Ecclestone explained. “The new engine will be equalised and there will only be two engine changes a year, so costs are going to dramatically come down, and I mean dramatically.”

Force India are the first team to publicly comment on Ecclestone s plans, and they have welcomed the new ideas.

“A redressing of the balance has been overdue for some time,” Ian Phillips, director of business affairs for Force India said. “Probably for five years we have been overspending and it is time to pull back. The credit crunch has brought it to a head.

“I work for an independent team. It has had four owners in four years and each one of those has not been able to fulfil their desires financially in Formula One and have got out. But I think things have pretty much balanced out now”

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