Ecclestone has no intention of retiring

FOM Chairman Bernie Ecclestone has admitted today that he has no intention of retiring, despite his advanced years.

In a far-reaching interview with the Guardian newspaper, Ecclestone covered a range of topics, including the number of races on the calendar. But he insisted that in spite of his hectic schedule, he was not thinking of calling it a day.

“Absolutely. What else would I do? People retire to die,” he said, when asked if he could see himself still running the sport in the future.

“The way I feel at the moment, why stop? I do it because I enjoy it. And yesterday is gone. I don’t care what happened yesterday.”

The Englishman also hinted that the Turkish Grand Prix might be dropped in order to accommodate new races such as planned events in Texas and Russia.

“Maybe someone will decide they need a rest because it’s not working for them commercially. A good example is probably Turkey. They’ve built an incredible circuit and it might even be the best but there’s not much enthusiasm from the public. I don’t know why.”

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