Ecclestone happy despite early Indian glitches

Vicky Chandhok experienced a classically harrowing moment on Wednesday when greeted by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone at the new Buddh circuit.

The first Indian Grand Prix has endured a tumultuous build-up, however the Hermann Tilke-designed venue has ultimately been delivered just on time.

“You are always nervous,” Tilke admitted to the German news agency DPA. “Little things do go wrong at a (circuit’s) first Grand Prix.”

One of those ‘little things’ was the presence of mouse droppings all over the brand new team facilities buildings, and faulty wiring that had to be fixed, an unnamed member of the Williams team revealed.

Tilke told O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper: “We did the project and advised the work. We are not responsible for the buildings.”

And Germany’s Die Welt revealed that there was a worrying glitch during a safety test this week when key marshals could not find the medical centre even after 20 minutes.

Vicky Chandhok, the boss of India’s motor sport clubs, admits he felt a rush of adrenaline when sternly greeted by Ecclestone on Wednesday.

“I had Charlie (Whiting) drive me round the track this morning, and afterwards Bernie came up, slapped my face and he said to me, How did you put up such rubbish?” he told the Daily Mail.

“I looked at him aghast and said, What are you saying?” added Chandhok.

“Then he laughed, gave me a big hug, a slap on the back and said ‘Great job’.”


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