Drivers unhappy with superlicence price-hike

fia-logoFormula One drivers have reacted angrily to the FIA’s decision to raise the price of their superlicences to race in the 2009 F1 World Championship.

Following price rises last year – which led to fears that the drivers would boycott the British Grand Prix – Formula One’s governing body has once again increased the cost of the superlicences with the basic fee rising to £9,798 – an increase of £377 – and the additional cost for each point increasing from £94 to £1,978.

That means that Lewis Hamilton will have to fork out over 200,000 pounds to be able to compete in this year’s championship.

The Grand Prix Drivers Association has reacted angrily to the price hike according to autosport. The body has urged drivers not to sign their superlicence and asked both FIA President Max Mosley the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) to review the matter.

Autosport have reported that FOTA are suitably unimpressed by such a demand given the current financial pressures facing Formula One.