Drivers happy with Korea track

Several drivers have said they are more than satisfied with the design and nature of the Yeong-am track in Korea which hosts the country’s first grand prix this weekend.

Concerns had been aired recently because of the late completion of the track, but a number of drivers said their first impressions were very good.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa said: “It looks pretty interesting this track. As I could see yesterday going around the track you have every type of corner that you can see at many other different tracks.

“There are slow corners, strong braking points, long straights, very quick corners and medium speed corners where you need 3rd/4th gear. I think you have a bit of everything so it looks really interesting.”

Lewis Hamilton said: “They deserve a pat on the backs for getting this place ready, and it looks like it can put on a good show.”

Nick Heidfeld said: “The circuit looks really nice. The layout looks great and not everything is finished but it is better than what I expected after what I heard over the last few weeks.”

Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel said: “Walking the circuit this morning it looks interesting and there are lots of grandstands, so hopefully we have lots of people coming this weekend.

“The circuit itself we will see how grippy it will be, but given the fact that there was a lot of concern and talking about not racing here, lately they did a very good job. Most of the things are finished so it should be alright for us to go out.”

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