Di Resta: I have the ability to match anyone on track.

F1 newcomer Paul di Resta has had an excellent start to the 2011 season, out-qualifying his team-mate Adrian Sutil in all three races to date and picking up a point on his F1 debut at the Australian Grand Prix.

He has said to have piqued the interest of many in the F1 paddock and many believe that the Scot may be on his way to Mercedes.

The Mercedes link is understandable given that he has driven for them for four years in the German touring car series, winning the title last season. However di Resta is not giving much away about his future.

“Of course, it’s nice to have that sort of link and to have people talking about you,” he said to the Evening Standard.

“Hopefully people respect me. But all I can really say is that I am committed to Force India. I’ve enjoyed working with the team a lot and I’m prepared to put in all my efforts here to do the best job I possibly can.

“I’m here to drive – that’s what I love to do – and I can’t really worry about what everyone else is saying.”

Another reason for the interest in di Resta is that he has already beaten World Champion Sebastian Vettel in the 2006 Formula Three Euroseries, proving that he has the potential to be a future F1 champion.

“I have the ability to match anyone on track,” di Resta continued. “I’ve done that in the junior formulae with Sebastian and Lewis and, at this level, I really believe that all the drivers are a much of a muchness.

“I think every driver thinks they can be world champion and I’m just grateful to have the opportunity. I remember dreaming as a kid of being F1 world champion. It wasn’t like I acted it out or anything but it’s long been a dream and still is. Whether it becomes a reality, you don’t know but a lot of people haven’t had this opportunity.

“As a driver I’ve never really set myself any goals. I just go out and do a job at every race, Turkey included.”

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