Di Resta admits need to spice up image

Paul di Resta has vowed to work on his image, after admitting it was “disappointing” to miss out on a move to a top team for 2013.

The Scot was linked with moves to McLaren and Ferrari, but McLaren ultimately signed young Mexican Sergio Perez, while Ferrari retained its Brazilian driver Felipe Massa. Di Resta admitted to the Telegraph that he thinks Perez “opens up various different markets” for McLaren, which could have contributed to the British team’s decision.

“But listen, it was flattering to be linked to a team like McLaren,” he said. “It has not come off this time but that doesn’t mean you should become any less ambitious.”

Another factor counting against di Resta could be his public persona, with F1 journalist Tom Cary saying he is “about as far from colourful as a formula one driver gets”.

“I think it’s a big thing,” di Resta admitted.

“I understand the need to get out there and show people who you are. It’s just about being more open but it takes time.”

He denies the fact both he and current McLaren driver Jenson Button share a manager in Richard Goddard could have counted against him.

“I don’t believe that,” said the 26-year-old. “I’m happy with Richard’s involvement and the way it works, and I think Martin (Whitmarsh) was equally happy with Richard’s involvement.”


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