Dennis defends his reaction to Hamilton retirement

Ron Dennis has had to defend himself against comments in the Spanish press following his reaction to Hamilton s retirement at the Chinese Grand Prix.

As Dennis realised that Hamilton would have to retire, he reacted with visible despair. This was in direct contrast to the week before when he showed no emotion when Fernando Alonso crashed into retirement at the Japanese Grand Prix.

“When Fernando had his accident, the car was destroyed,” Dennis explained. “There was nothing anyone could do. You always chose to see only one side of things!”

Dennis has also reiterated that both drivers would be treated equally in the final race of the season, and that Alonso s tyre pressures had not been tampered with at either Japan or China.

“Have you seen anything that would make you think otherwise?” Dennis asked. “There is nothing. The tyre pressures were completely correct and Lewis lap was just very good that is all. We will always be able to demonstrate that out actions are correct and impartial.”

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