Delhi circuit might not be 100% complete

Vijay Mallya has admitted the new Buddh circuit in New Delhi, India might not be completed by the time of October’s inaugural Indian Grand prix, however the areas that may not be complete will not affect the Prunning of the race.

But the billionaire, India’s FIA representative and also owner and boss of the Force India team, insists the event will go ahead anyway.

It has emerged that the homologation inspection of the venue, originally scheduled for the first week of August, will now take place on September 1.

Indian official Vicky Chandhok insisted the delayed date is for “purely administrative reasons” because Whiting said it made “logical sense” to pair his visit with inspection of the venue in Korea.

Even so, the delay will apparently give the Indian organisers more time to work on the aspects of the circuit that are not complete.

“There is the possibility that the facilities will not be 100 per cent (finished), like the grandstand for the spectators,” Mallya is quoted in a Portuguese language report citing and Agencia Gazeta Press.

“But the technical areas – the pits, the paddock and of course the track – are practically ready.

“The promoters of the event, who are also the owners of the circuit, are very confident that everything will be ready in time. Charlie, of course, will have the final word,” added Mallya.

Referring again to the grandstand, he continued: “They designed a big stand with a suspended ceiling and all this is taking time to erect.

“Some facilities for the spectators may not be complete, but there is no reason the race will not happen.”


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