De Villota family not commenting on Marussia statement

Maria de Villota’s family is awaiting the findings of subsequent investigations before commenting on the recent Duxford crash.

Marussia said in a statement this week that an internal “detailed investigation” showed that the car was not to blame for the 32-year-old Spaniard’s crash into a stationary truck. The implication was that driver error was the cause, but the British-based team did not actually say that.

An official investigation is being conducted by the Health and Safety Executive, the independent UK regulator for work-related accidents.

“This is their (Marussia’s) version, but it’s not an explanation,” someone ‘very close’ to de Villota’s family told the Spanish newspaper Marca.

The newspaper reported that de Villota does not remember anything about the crash.

“Maria is not yet in the sufficient condition that would allow her to take part in any of the investigations,” a statement issued by her family said. “There will be no comment until all the current investigations are finished,” the family added.


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