De la Rosa refutes Montoya’s claim

McLarenPedro de la Rosa, the main tester for McLaren, has refuted Montoya’s claim that the Woking based team has ‘always’ had a clear number one driver. After securing his first victory in NASCAR’s premier Nextel Cup series, Montoya stated, “There really always is a favourite driver on the team.”

Pedro de la Rosa has publicly said that this statement is rubbish. “Montoya is not right if he says one driver is in a better position than the other one,” de la Rosa said. “Fernando is double world champion, so of course he is not of secondary importance to anyone.”

De la Rosa did comment on the tensions within the McLaren team, however he believes that the rivalry is a good thing. “I think it motivated everyone even more to push the development of the car and to progress in every area” de la Rosa explained. “Also, there is no ignoring the fact that ever since the fight really bagan, McLaren has won every race.”