De la Rosa Insight on Hamilton Crash

Monaco is reknowned for being one of the toughest tracks on the F1 calendar as there is no safety margin one small error can see a driver out of the race.

In the video above, McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa provides some insight into Lewis Hamilton s crash during qualifying for the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix. The British driver was on his second flying lap when he braked 5 metres later than his previous lap. Hamilton lost the back end of his F1 car and ended up with the back of the car in the tyre wall.

McLaren mechanics worked through the night to fix the damage to the rear of the car and fit it with a new gearbox to allow Hamilton to start the race from P20.

In the video below, watch McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen struggling to keep straight faces during recent filming for Vodafone.

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