Davidson: Fisichella was overly aggressive

Fisichella and Davidson had a clash during the Hungarian Grand Prix as Fisichella tried to pass the Super Aguri man. Davidson s suspension was damaged, causing him to spin out and retire from the race.

Davidson is angry at the move saying Fisichella was being overly aggressive. “I am glad I was a in a fighting mood,” Davidson began. “I had a good start, a good first lap and was able to hold off the Williams of Alex Wurz for the first stint, and had a good little fight with him on the exit of turn one.

“But yeah, I gave him room and we got away with a bit of a ding-dong around turn one. I have only done a handful of Grands Prix, and a guy with 20 million races under his belt decides to take me out. Obviously he didn t want a Super Aguri ahead of him that s a worse-case scenario when you are in a Renault. He was obviously being overly aggressive. As he should be, you know, that s racing but maybe next time, known that I ve got nothing to lose, and give me a bit more space!”

Davidson was running well in the race before he was taken out and he s disappointed that he had to retire. “Just disbelief that another potentially good weekend had come to an end early and, I feel, through no fault of my own.”

“I think I d be quite a boring driver if I just decided to sit behind him and succumb to the fact he s in a faster car. So I though, No, why not take the fight to him? . I am glad I did and I would have done exactly the same thing again. I think a guy of his experience should know that I am a bit of an unknown quantity and given me a little bit more room.

“I am surprised we made contact really with a guy of his experience when I was on the outside of the circuit. I really feel like there is no more I could have done. I m always too fair on people and even without seeing it on TV, I am pretty pissed off and I think it was more his fault than mine.”

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