Continuity the ‘secret’ of Red Bull’s success – Marko

The secret of Red Bull’s success is continuity and a focused racing team free of politics, driver manager Dr Helmut Marko said on Tuesday.

The Austrian team has headed to Japan this week where Sebastian Vettel is almost guaranteed his second consecutive drivers’ title.

So what is the ‘secret’ of an energy drinks company that has managed to consistently outpace grandee teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes?

“The real secret is that everybody is here and passionate,” Marko said on Servus TV. “We have had the same team and efficient structure for four years.

“Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren organise themselves quite differently.

“We are lucky to have a boss who in the shortest possible time gives a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.”

Another reason, according to Marko, is that amid all the talk about bending rules and broken financial agreements, the staff on the ground are shielded from the politics.

“We believe in keeping it away from the team in order to let them work in peace,” said the Austrian.

German driver Vettel, however, insists there is no secret to Red Bull’s success.

“I don’t think there are any secrets or magic, it needs a lot of small things coming together for an incredible season like we have had so far,” he said.


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