Coach helping Grosjean find ‘right balance’

Romain Grosjean’s new coach has confirmed he is working with the Lotus driver.

Back on track after his Monza ban, the French driver arrived in Singapore this week with Benoit Campargue, a former Judo champion who coaches France’s heavyweight champion Teddy Riner. Campargue told Le Figaro in Singapore that, while he has been working with Grosjean since March, this is his first grand prix alongside the 26-year-old, who served a one-race ban at Monza recently.

He said they are working on devising better routines for the Lotus driver.

“The important thing is to find the right balance in a natural way,” said Campargue.

He told L’Equipe: “I am very pleased with his recovery (since the ban). I see someone serene and relaxed and at the same time concentrated. I must also thank Lotus, who prove that F1 is not always closed.”


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