Changes to Singapore race weekend schedule

Singapore Grand Prix organisers have agreed to change the weekend s timetable to allow the drivers to get more practice time under the new floodlights.

Singapore will be hosting Formula One s first night race later this season. Some concerns had been raised that only 90 minutes of floodlit practice had been made available to the drivers before qualifying Friday practice is currently set for 4pm and therefore is in daylight, as is Saturday s pre-qualifying practice which is currently set for 5pm.

The FIA appear keen to quell these fears and look set to change the timetable over the weekend to allow drivers more practice time in floodlit conditions. It is believed that both the Friday and Saturday practice sessions will be put back by several hours, and this means that qualifying may also be pushed back perhaps to even as late as 10pm on Saturday evening. The time of the race itself 8pm on Sunday will remain unchanged.

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