Can Webber win in 2007?

Mark Webber has claimed had it not been for team boss Ron Dennis, he could have driven for McLaren F1 years ago. He claims that had the Mercedes factory had had the influence then as it does now over driver selection, he might have been able to make his debut with the team.

Webber drove for Mercedes in it’s sportscar program, however he suffered a huge crash in 1999 at Le Mans when an aerodynamic flaw saw him flip at a speed of around 300km/h.

However Mark Blundell, who raced with McLaren in 1995, said that Mark Webber has yet to prove himself and is not certain whether Webber has the talent to emerge from the midfield to win a Grand Prix race. “Webber still has a strong set of results behind him but nothing, as yet, to say he is a potential grand prix winner because he hasn’t been in the right car.” said Blundell.