Campos Meta 1’s car homologated by FIA

Campos Meta 1’s car has been homologated by the FIA after a series of test carried out last week. The homologation process for the Campos car was carried out in Parma, Italy, at Italian manufacturer Dallara’s base.

“The homologation of the cockpit is a critical point that defines the status and quality of a Formula 1 car,” Campos’ technical director Toni Cuquerella explained.

“The fact of having our cockpit completely homologised puts us in a privileged position and allows us to keep on developing the car.

“Dallara has done a great job in order to have everything on time and pass all the tests on the first attempt. We still have to pass the homologation of the rear structure which follows the same process and has already passed our previous internal tests.”

“It’s a great satisfaction to pass these homologation FIA tests,” team boss Adrian Campos commented. “It shows the technical strength of the partners and suppliers we have gathered for our entry in the Formula 1.

“I want to thank Dallara for the compromise shown in the task of fulfilling the original schedule.

“We still have a long journey in front of us but at this stage we are confident that we will be able to cover all the steps needed to make it with guarantees to the inaugural weekend of the season in Bahrain”.