Button: We’ll work together as a team

With two world champions in the team, many believe sparks may fly at McLaren this season. However Jenson Button has said that the pair will work together and overcome any rivalry off-circuit to ensure the team has the best possible chance of winning the championship.

“We will be fierce rivals on the circuit but to be quick and to fight for the world championships we need to work together – and that’s what we’ll do,” Button explained to the BBC.

“Whatever happens this year happens, but first of all we need to work together to be competitive.

“We really do need to work closely together, and Lewis understands that as well. We’ll have a close relationship and will work in the same direction.

“Lewis has gained a lot of experience in his short career in F1 and so have I. It’s been negative and positive for both of us and if we bring it together we’ll be a lot stronger package this season.

“I wouldn’t have won the world championship without Rubens Barrichello. We built the car up, we pushed for improvements, we worked together as a team and you see what happens at the end of the year. The only way of changing that is by working hard at the start of the year.”