Button plays down threat to crash with Vettel

Jenson Button has clarified any fears he might be prepared to drive into Sebastian Vettel this weekend in Korea. Despite Vettel having only just clinched the 2011 title, McLaren’s Button did not hesitate to bring up their Suzuka near-miss immediately after the Japanese race.

German Vettel denied seeing Button on the approach to the first corner, when the McLaren had to put two wheels onto the grass and lift the throttle.

And Briton Button warned with his famous smile: “I might not lift off next time you pull across at the start”.

Asked by reporters in Korea if he was serious, the 31-year-old insisted: “No, but it sounded good on TV. You’re still going to be intelligent about the way you go racing and if you know that he’s not going to back out and you’re going to push him on the grass, you’re not going to do it,” Button is quoted by Reuters.

But he did cast doubt on Vettel’s excuse that he didn’t see him in Japan, referring to BBC footage showing the German looking into his mirrors.

Vettel said in Japan: “By the time I saw him, I realised that maybe I was a little bit too far to the right and then he was backing off.

“Obviously no intention to put him in any danger but I think we can run with two wheels on the grass, can’t we Fernando?” he added, referring to his own pass on Fernando Alonso at Monza last month.


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