Button: No team orders at McLaren

A ‘team orders’ debate will not break out at McLaren, according to Jenson Button.

With team orders now legal, Mark Webber was told by his Red Bull chiefs at Silverstone to hold station behind Sebastian Vettel.

2009 world champion Button says the same situation will not occur at McLaren between his team management and teammate Lewis Hamilton.

“I hate team orders, I don’t think it’s a good thing for F1, although many people disagree with me,” he told the Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

“The good thing for me is that this team does not have team orders, so Lewis and I can fight each other as hard as we want.”

Red Bull defended its Silverstone team order on the basis that it didn’t want to see Webber and Vettel collide, as they did in Turkey last year.

“Well, this year Lewis and I got together once, but most of the time – and we’ve raced together a lot over two years – it has been great, with lots of action,” said Button.

“If you take that out of the sport it’s more boring, so I don’t like team orders. Other teams will use them, but not us,” he added.

Source: GMM

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