Brundle: Kovalainen deserves another top team chance

According to former F1 driver Martin Brundle, Heikki Kovalainen deserves another chance to prove himself at one of the top Formula One teams.

After struggling at top teams Renault and McLaren at the beginning of his career, 30-year-old Kovalainen has rebuilt his reputation at the back of the field with the 2010 startup team Caterham (nee Lotus). His current contract runs out this year, and so far he is not committing to a new tenure for 2013.

Kovalainen has admitted disappointment with Caterham’s failure to drive into the midfield so far this season, and late last year insisted he does not feel “in any way” obligated to staying put for 2013.

“I want to see what we can do together and what is the situation in the summer,” he has said.

Brundle said on Sky Sports F1 HD recently: “Heikki has just kept his head down and delivered, he looks a superstar and he drives like one. I think Heikki has staked a claim for another chance in a top team,” said the former McLaren driver.

But like many others in the pitlane, Kovalainen has admitted he will have to wait for the ‘silly season’ to develop further before making plans for next year. Early this year, he signed on with the well-known management firm IMG, saying at the time: “Either we continue with Caterham or pursue at some other place, so in either case this (signing with IMG) is the right solution.”

He says now: “We haven’t looked at it seriously, I think it is a bit too early and there are a few guys ahead of me in the queue, things like what Lewis (Hamilton) will do or what Michael (Schumacher) will do will probably have an impact on what everyone is doing.”


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