Briatore Baffled

Flavio Briatore has spoken out over the FIA s decision not to penalize McLaren over the espionage saga despite finding them guilty of being in possession of confidential Ferrari documents.

“I don t understand what happened,” Briatore said. “To begin with, you would only gather the World Council if you had proof. Otherwise if you don t have proof, you avoid such a meeting. So I don t understand what happened if the FIA admits to have established possession of Ferrari material by McLaren then why is there no retribution? The verdict reminds me of Pontius Pilate.”

Briatore echoed Ecclestone s words by saying he felt the whole saga had damaged the sport, and he also added that he empathized with Ferrari s fury over the decision. “There weeks, we have all heard and read what happened and surely this story has been very damaging for the business of Formula 1, also considering the great media exposure it has had,” Briatore said.

“If someone had some advantage from the possession of the material, it would have been fair for him to pay the consequences. Besides, I too would have liked to know Ferrari s weight distribution! I spoke on the phone with Jean Todt and he sounds very bitter. I also understand di Montezemolo s anger.”

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