Brazilian Grand Prix: Practice Session 3 Round-up

Following a strong performance by McLaren in practice session 2, the Ferrari s hit back with local boy Felipe Massa topping the timesheet in Saturday practice. The Ferraris dominated much of the session with Massa and Raikkonen trading places at the top of the timesheet however towards the end of the session, Hamilton proved that despite his lack of experience on the circuit, he is still a force to be reckoned with ending the session in second, and splitting the two Ferraris.

It was a session full of surprising results. Hamilton s team-mate Alonso was surprisingly slow, finishing in a surprisingly low eighth place, a full 0.8 seconds behind. Mark Webber put in an excellent performance to finish fourth overall although he as over half a second behind fastest man Massa. Jarno Trulli was also surprisingly quick in his Toyota, finishing in fifth, just ahead another surprisingly quick man Rubens Barrichello in the Honda.

It is unusual to see the BMWs struggling however Nick Heidfeld could only manage seventh place. His fate was better than that of team-mate Robert Kubica who suffered a mechanical problem on-track, and then coasted to a standstill at the exit of Cotovelo. This left Kubica way down the field in 20th place overall.

The Renault team had looked strong in earlier practice sessions, however they were unable to find pace in the third practice session. Giancarlo Fisichella found himself in 12th place at the end of the session, whilst Heikki Kovalainen was way down in 15th.

Brazilian Grand Prix: Practice Session 3 Results:

1.  MASSA        Ferrari       1m11.810s
2.  HAMILTON     McLaren       1m11.934s
3.  RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       1m11.942s
4.  WEBBER       Red Bull      1m12.446s
5.  TRULLI       Toyota        1m12.461s
6.  BARRICHELLO  Honda         1m12.478s
7.  HEIDFELD     BMW           1m12.579s
8.  ALONSO       McLaren       1m12.594s
9.  VETTEL       Toro Rosso    1m12.767s
10. ROSBERG      Williams      1m12.823s
11. LIUZZI       Toro Rosso    1m12.893s
12. FISICHELLA   Renault       1m12.913s
13. BUTTON       Honda         1m13.015s
14. SCHUMACHER   Toyota        1m13.046s
15. KOVALAINEN   Renault       1m13.090s
16. COULTHARD    Red Bull      1m13.117s
17. DAVIDSON     Super Aguri   1m13.299s
18. SATO         Super Aguri   1m13.331s
19. NAKAJIMA     Williams      1m13.474s
20. KUBICA       BMW           1m13.525s
21. SUTIL        Spyker        1m13.684s
22. YAMAMOTO     Spyker        1m13.872s

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