Brawn & Todt: The future is still undecided

Ross Brawn, former Ferrari technical director who is currently on sabbatical leave, is still in talks with Ferrari over a possible return to the action. However, team principal Jean Todt has said that no decision over Brawn s future has yet been made.

Brawn has recently said that Ferrari are the only team he is discussing his future with and he will make a decision over his future during the summer months, although there are the inevitable rumours in the paddock over whether Brawn will be tempted away to another team instead.

If Brawn does return to Ferrari, there is the possibility he will take over from Jean Todt as team principal, leaving Todt with his full focus on being CEO. Todt has already stated he does not want to leave Formula 1 quite yet, and the two Ferrari men are still in talks about their mutual futures.

“I am not at all prepared to retire,” Todt stated. “I still feel very motivated with the same anxiousness before every race-  the same happiness when we are successful, the same unhappiness when we are not successful. So I hop I can only be here a few more years. Bernie, when you ask him and there is 15 years difference is still very motivated. I am not thinking at all about stopping working, sorry!

“As for Ross, we had some discussions and we will have other discussions. At the moment, no commitment from either side has been made. We are just discussing his options, and our options. Maybe we will find some common point, maybe we will not find some common point.

“But still we will always be friends, we will always have respect for each other,” Todt added. “He has been doing a tremendous work at Ferrari, and Ferrari have given him a lot. So our partnership has been good for him and good for Ferrari.”

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