Bourdais laments pit-stop bad luck

Sebastien BourdaisSebastien Bourdais has been left to look back at the poor luck he endured during the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Frenchman was one of several drivers who had problems with the refuelling rigs during one of his routine pit-stops, there was a flash fire on his car. The Toro Rosso mechanics were quickly on top of the situation, dousing the car and driver with extinguisher foam.

The car appeared undamaged and Bourdais was able to continue however his visor was covered in extinguisher foam and he had to pit again in order to get it cleaned. Bourdais eventually finished the race in 18th place.

“There have been two sides to this weekend: it got off to a good start and then I had some problems in qualifying,” Bourdais explained. “The race also started quite well, as I had a good pace. Then it all went to hell at the first pit stop, as the guys had to use the fire extinguisher and I got a lot of foam on my visor.

“It happened again at the second stop and this time I had foam inside and outside my visor and couldn’t see a thing so had to make another stop to get it cleaned.

“By this stage, we had lost so much time, there was nothing else to do and I preferred to make the extra stop as the lack of visibility was dangerous.”