BMW to keep fighting on

BMW-Sauber has vowed to continue to develop its 2009-challenger, despite leaving Formula One at the end of the current season.

The German Manufacturer has confirmed that it will continue its efforts to find a buyer for the team, despite rejecting an offer made by Peter Sauber.

Speaking in a statement on Friday, BMW Motorsport director Mario Theissen, has admitted his sadness at the team’s premature departure from Formula One, but says that the Hinwil squad will continue to improve on its disastrous 2009 campaign.

“Clearly we’re all disappointed about the decision to withdraw from Formula 1,” said Theissen.

“The team had established itself at the top in just three years and we would love to have shown that the poor results we’ve had this season were just a blip. Now our work is focusing on the next few months.”

Theissen also said that he hoped that such improvements would put the team in a favourable position on the market.

“While efforts are continuing behind the scenes to find a solution for the team, everybody is aware that putting in good performances at the circuits is the best way to advertise their abilities. We want to get back into the fast lane and so the development packages for Valencia and Singapore will be put into practice as planned.”

BMW plan to introduce a number of aerodynamic upgrades onto the F1.09 in time for the European Grand Prix, with a much larger update expected in Singapore.