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BMW Sauber launch F1.09 in Valencia (with pictures)

P90044828-zoomBMW Sauber have unveiled their 2009 car at the Valencia circuit in eastern Spain. The car has the distinctive look of the 2009-reg cars, with a high and narrow rear wing and slick tyres. The car bears resemblance to the BMW hybrid which has been running for some months now, incorporating aspects of the new regulations.

BMW motorsport boss Mario Theissen said that the squad was looking forward to the season, and sounded confident about the development of the car. The Hinwil-based team enjoyed a successful 2008, with Robert Kubica taking its maiden win in Montreal.

“This is the final step in our development, and that’s generally the hardest one to take, In 2009 we are looking to maintain our first-class reliability record while at the same time enhancing our performance levels so that we can be at the front of the pack on a consistent basis.”

The F1.08 suffered from a lack of development towards the end of the year, reducing its competitiveness and blunting Kubica s title challenge. However, the team are one of the best bets for the 2009 season, with all the correct ingredients for success.

Nick Heidfeld, Kubica s team-mate, said:The team started work early on the wide range of changes. I’m confident that we’re in good shape and am looking forward to the first race, when we’ll see whether the balance of power has shifted at all.”









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