Bernie: Gillett is in breach of contract

FOM Chairman Bernie Ecclestone has said that contrary to many reports yesterday, he has not given Donington Park boss Simon Gillett another deadline, and that the organisation is already in breach of contract with him.

It was widely reported yesterday that Gillett had been given two weeks to sort his affairs out, thought to be specifically to prove he has the financial backing with which to continue development on the track. But today Ecclestone told the Telegraph that the two week figure was a date to remedy the breach of contract that has happened, not an extension of a deadline.

“We haven’t decided to give Gillett another deadline at all. We have informed him he is in breach of contract. The contract which we have gives him 14 days to remedy the breach. Most business contracts are like that.”

Ecclestone added that the media’s interpretation, and Gillett’s wording of his statement yesterday, had been confusing.

“People interpret things the way they want to interpret them. It would be hard if you were standing in a court today arguing what he said was wrong.

“But he hasn’t been given another deadline at all. He has been given, like the contract says, another two weeks to remedy the breach. No deadline has changed.”

The news will anger fans eager to see a resolution to the issue.