Barrichello reveals 2012 helmet design

Rubens Barrichello left the Interlagos paddock late on Sunday without saying goodbye. It is believed the 39-year-old Brazilian’s longest-ever F1 career might have ended as the chequered flag waved at Interlagos, as Adrian Sutil and Valtteri Bottas appear more likely candidates for the Williams seat in 2012. But former Jordan, Stewart, Ferrari and Brawn driver Barrichello is refusing to give up.

Even in Williams’ official post-race media statement, he is quoted as saying: “There’s been a lot of talk over the weekend, but I believe I will be back again next season.”

He has even selected his helmet colours. During his post-race chat with more Brazilian reporters than usual, Barrichello showed them a picture drawn this weekend by his six-year-old son Fernando.

“I know that your first question is (going to be) ‘Are you ready to stop?’ I’m not,” he insisted. “So I will show you the helmet that Fefe made for me to start next year. That is the answer to the question.”


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