Anthony Hamilton suing di Resta over firing

It appears that Paul di Resta’s recent split from his manager Anthony Hamilton could be heading to the courtroom.

Newspaper The Telegraph has reported that Hamilton has filed papers in London’s High Court for wrongful termination and loss of earnings. According to papers for the defence, di Resta fired Hamilton because he claims he was misled over a sponsorship deal with an energy drinks company called ‘Go Fast’.

Scot di Resta, 26, brought the EUR 5.5 million deal to Hamilton and was told by his former manager that buying his drinks sponsorship rights from Force India would cost 2 million. Di Resta reportedly fired Hamilton after he approached the Silverstone based team himself and found that buying the rights from Force India actually cost only EUR 1m. Hamilton and di Resta would not comment.

But the row could have a wider effect, with di Resta now working with the Sports Partnership, a management firm headed by Jenson Button and his manager Richard Goddard. Button is Lewis Hamilton’s teammate at McLaren.

Journalist Tom Cary wrote: “It is thought most likely that both parties (di Resta and Anthony Hamilton) will agree to settle” before the case reaches court.


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