Alonso’s Warning

Fernando Alonso has warned his rookie team mate to be ready for some bad times. Alonso is hoping to reverse the trend between the two drivers and start winning races again so he can claw back the lead Hamilton currently has over him and win this season’s championship.

“Lewis is doing incredibly well and what he is achieveing is impressive,” Alonso remarked. “And when you are doing well, people call you ‘king’ and you are treated like a king. They always have nice things to say. But things change for whatever reason, and it may not be your fault but it is impossible to maintain such a high level all the time.

“And when things change, people are quick to criticise. And you have to bre ready for that because it happens to everyone. When you are winning, fantastic, great, a God. When you are not doing so well, they say you are finished. It is normal in Formula 1.”

Hamilton will be going to the French Grand Prix on a high, having won his last two races.

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