Alonso hoping to challenge Vettel in Singapore

Fernando Alonso has warned runaway championship leader Sebastian Vettel to expect more “hard” racing in the final throes of the 2011 season.

After winning at Monza last weekend, Red Bull’s Vettel recalled that Spaniard Alonso raced “hard but fair” as the Ferrari driver defended his early lead.

And although writing off his chances of beating Vettel to the crown, Alonso warned the German to expect more hard racing in the remaining six races.

“Yeah, we have nothing to lose in the battles with Sebastian,” said Alonso, who is in second place behind Vettel’s championship lead but 112 points behind.

“He is leading the championship by 100 points I think, so when we have to defend we will be a little bit harder with him,” he added.

Alonso, 30, thinks he might be able to challenge Vettel in Singapore in two weeks, the scene of his victories in 2008 and 2010.

“Of the races remaining I think Singapore is probably the best one for our car characteristics,” he said.