Alonso explains his ‘unprofessional’ comments

Fernando Alonso has played down rumours that the only thing he likes about his new car is the colour. Last week, he reportedly told Spanish TV channel Telecinco that “The car is not ready for Australia and the days are running out. It’s not going to win at the moment.”

However Alonso has responded by saying the press misinterpreted his comments about his car, which made him seem highly unprofessional. “My comments were interpreted as me saying something bad,” he stated.

At the track in Barcelona, Alonso has said that he feels McLaren need to continue working hard to ensure they are fully competitive for Melbourne as their rivals are hot on their heels. “We are doing well, but so are others,” he explained.

Alonso also stated that he thought McLaren, BMW, Ferrari and Renault looked about even when out on the track, with Honda a little way behind the top four. “But every day we see surprises,” he commented. “I don’t think anyone is sure what is going to happen when the season gets going. It’s going to be an interesting year!”