Alonso denies rift with Dennis

Alonso denies Dennis rift

During the espionage saga hearing, Ron Dennis revealed that he was no longer on speaking terms with Fernando Alonso after the pair had an argument during the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix. However Alonso has now spoken out saying that he was surprised to hear Dennis words and he denies that the two are not speaking.

I will not tell every day what’s true and what’s not true,” Alonso explained “But in this case, for example, it’s not true. I was surprised about that comment because in Spa we were talking together in the hotel and I read in the press that we were not talking and I don’t know. If Ron said that is because he wanted.”

When asked when he had talked to Dennis after the Hungarian GP row, Alonso replied, “The day after. That was not true. Again, that is not very important. What is important is to try to win races and try to win everything. The race for sure is now very important and this for sure it’s not in my problems now.”

After the two McLaren team-mates nearly clashed on track at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix, Alonso has also explained that he is not worried that the two of them will crash on-track. “Again, I think it’s not very important,” Alonso explained. “Spa is gone and we will talk about this weekend,”

“We will talk about this circuit and the low grip of the circuit, so it’s a very normal relationship and very good. In Spa we didn’t crash. I think we will never crash into the other one. We are fighting for the world championship but at the same time we are intelligent people and we try to finish the races.

“In any incident you don’t know if you’ll be the one to stop in turn one, so we cannot have that risk. We all want to win, but we all want to cross the line at the end of the race so this will not happen.”

Hamilton feels Alonso isn’t loyal enough

Meanwhile, one has to wonder what the state of the relationships inside McLaren are like with Lewis Hamilton commenting that he does not believe that Fernando Alonso has been loyal enough to the team this season.

“No,” Hamilton replied when asked if he felt the Spaniard had been loyal enough to McLaren. “I think the team have gone out of their way as Fernando has been coming into the team especially at the beginning of the season he s the guy that is supposed to take them to the championship and they have bent over backwards to try and make him feel comfortable.

“Me and Pedro have done the same we ve been told, try and make Fernando feel welcome in the team. We ve done that and then you saw what he did to the team,” Hamilton continued, referring to the fact Alonso did not attend the espionage saga heading in Paris, despite a request from McLaren for him to be present.

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