Alonso debuts Ferrari’s new 2012 wing in Korea

Ferrari and Fernando Alonso are playing their cards close to their chests as they speed up their preparations for 2012. Alonso has been running a radically different development front wing all weekend in Korea, however his Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa has not.

After he qualified a tenth behind Massa on Saturday, Alonso was asked by reporters if the debut of the wing, destined for next year’s reportedly “aggressive” single seater, was a success.

“The engineers’ room is one floor above, you should go and ask them,” La Stampa newspaper quotes Alonso as responding. “I have nothing to say.”

Ferrari drew attention to Alonso’s new wing in Friday practice when a wall of mechanics stood in front of it to sully the photographers’ view.

“All that did was draw more attention to it,” said the correspondent for the Marca sports daily.

Team boss Stefano Domenicali admitted he is feeling “a little nervous” as Ferrari gambles on a radical approach to aerodynamics for 2012.

“The project is completely different to what we’ve done before,” he told El Pais newspaper. “By February we will know if our bid has been successful.”