Albers to take legal action?

Christijan Albers is considering taking legal action against Spyker for dropping him from the race line-up mid-way through the season.

Spyker claim that one of Albers sponsors had failed to pay them therefore they had no option but to drop the driver however Albers claims that before the start of the season, Spyker pledged to give him a race-seat for the entire season, no matter what circumstances cropped up. Albers has also suggested that the sponsor in question, believed to be real estate developer Mingya, is contracted direct to Spyker rather than being contracted to him.

“Despite the problem with the sponsor, I received an oral and written guarantee in January that I would drive the complete season,” Albers explained.

Albers has said that he will not jump straight in with legal action. He will be talking with team bosses to see if a compromise can be hammered out before going down the legal route.

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