Adversity made Button stronger – Fry

Brawn GP CEO Nick Fry added his voice to the adulation of Jenson Button today by saying that the hard times the 2009 world champion endured have made him a stronger person.

Fry, who has been working with Button since 2004, oversaw both Button’s first win in Hungary in 2006 and now his world title. But Fry was also present during the bad times – the uncompetitive Hondas of 2007/8 and the manufacturer’s withdrawal at the end of the latter season. He said that Button deserved every bit of success as a result.

“Jenson’s taken a lot of bullet wounds over the last few years, and when you get into that situation and you’ve got the bruises, then it makes it much easier to handle the success,” he said.

“He’s just remained the same, he’s remained focused, and he’s gone about it in a very intelligent way. And it’s a situation where it would have been easy to blow the whole thing and he took it sensibly and did what he needed to do and he got there.”

If any questions still remained about Button’s ability, Fry was eager to banish them. He has been a strong advocate of the Englishman’s abilities and took the opportunity to vindicate himself.

“Jenson doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Fry. “It sounds like I’m married to him but we’ve been together for a long time now and I’ve always felt that he could do it.

“I think he’s just demonstrated to everyone what he can do, and the doubters who said he couldn’t overtake or he wasn’t aggressive enough, hopefully they’re now eating humble pie.”