Add a Race Car to Your Garage

Race Car in your GarageDo you fancy having an F1 car in your garage? The latest German craze may be able to help you fool people into thinking you do by adorning your garage with a picture of your favourite vehicle whether that s a plane, truck, boat or car and helping disguise the often-boring doors or garages. At first glance, the pictures are so realistic that they fool people into thinking you have some awesome vehicles in your garage.

The images are printed onto plastic sheets which are then stuck onto the garage door. The plastic is weather and fire-resistant and held in place by industrial strength Velcro, making them easy to change.

2 Race Cars in your GarageAlthough they aren t cheap at 169 Euro, they add a bit of fun to an otherwise boring part of the house. The website,, has a wide range of images to choose from including fighter planes, race cars, dumper trucks and crocodiles, however if there is something specific you want in your garage, the website can also create any image on request.