2007 regulation changes summary

As is usual, Formula 1 have amended some of their Technical and Sporting regulations for the 2007 season. Below is a list the changes that have ben made:

One tyre supplier
Bridgestone will be the sole Formula 1 tyre supplier until 2010. For the 2007 season, each team will be provided with the same number of identically specced tyres each. Tyres will be supplied in accordance with the revised Sporting Regulations which allows 14 sets of dry weather tyres per driver of the course of a race weekend – four sets for the Friday practice and ten sets for the qualifying and race.

Testing Agreement

Formula 1 teams have agreed to an early introduction of the voluntary testing agreement which was scheduled for 2008. All teams are now limited to 30,000 km per year.

Homologated Engines
Formula 1 is entering a period of minimal engine development in an attempt to lower costs. Engines are limited to 19,000 rpm and will use V8 engines that were used in last season’s Japanese Grand Prix. These engines can be re-tuned up to the 19,000 rpm limit.

Engine Usage

Each engine must last for two race weekends, as per the 2006 season, however the Friday sessions will be excluded from this rule.

Friday Format
There will be two free practice sessions on each Friday of a race weekend. These sessions will be 90 minutes instead of an hour. Each team is permitted to run a maximum of two cars during these practice sessions – either of the two race drivers or the test drivers are permitted to drive.

Other changes
The safety regulations have been further enhanced to include an improved front crash test and the introduction of a GPS system in the cockpit which will alert drivers to possible dangers ahead. There is also going to be an ‘accident severity indicator’ to let the medical crews know how serious an accident is. Stewards will also now have the authority to impose grid penalties as well as time penalties if a driver breaches race rules and regulations.

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