2007 Grand Prix de Monaco – Lap by Lap Report

Fernando Alonso lines up on pole for the second year in a row at the famous Monte Carlo circuit, with team-mate Hamilton alongside and the Ferrari of Felipe Massa behind.

Lap 1, Raikkonen makes up four places moving him into twelfth. Webber and Heidfeld touch but continue.

Lap 2 of 78, Liuzzi loses the car in Casino Square and retires. Marshalls recover under double waved yellows.

Lap 4, Alonso begins to drop Hamilton, who may be carrying more fuel, with Massa following 1.6 seconds behind.

Lap 7, Kimi Raikkonen chases down Button, attempting to snatch eleventh away from the Brit.

Lap 19, Webber makes an unscheduled stop and retires with engine misfire, and then gearbox failure. Hamilton sets fastest lap as Alonso battles with traffic.

Lap 20, Hamilton loses three seconds trying to pass traffic, Trulli the most difficult to pass. Despite this, Hamilton reduces gap from 8.5 seconds to 5.5 seconds as the pair of McLarens battle for the top spot.

Fisichella pits on lap 22 from fourth, Rosberg pits from fifth. Heidfeld gets ahead of Fisichella.

Lap 25, Alonso pits from the lead. Massa also pits and takes on super soft compound tyres.

Lap 29, Hamilton pits but rejoins some four seconds behind Alonso.

Lap 33, Raikkonen battles Heidfeld, who has already pitted. Kimi appears to be struggling on tyres at this stage of the race, he has yet to pit.

Lap 36, Davidson given stop go penalty for ignoring blue flags.

Lap 39, Coulthard reports possible front wing damage.

Lap 42, Button pits and rejoins in eleventh.

Lap 44, DC pits but mechanics don’t replace front wing.

Lap 48, Kovalainen told his Renault had a rear puncture, the reason for pitting earlier. Raikkonen pits.

Lap 50, Alonso pits and takes on super-soft tyres.

Lap 51, Hamilton pits and rejoins behind Alonso.

Lap 54, Massa pits and the mechanics have issues removing the front wheels. Meanwhile Sutil crashes where Liuzzi had his off earlier in the race.

Lap 58 and Hamilton closes in on Alonso.

Lap 60, Rosberg pits.

Lap 62, Jenson Button pits for his final stop, falling back to ninth. Raikkonen fastest driver on track as he catches Wurz.

4 laps to go and Albers retires.

Alonso takes victory, ahead of Hamilton, Massa, Fisichella, Kubica and Heidfeld. Raikkonen finishes eighth behind Wurz. DC finishes, only to stop on track on the slowing down lap.

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