Brummie on board

Introduce yourself, go on, don't be shy!
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Brummie on board

Postby avstu »

Hey Guys,

My name is Stuart and I originally come from Birmingham, but now live in Walsall, UK.

I am a big F1 fan who will be experiencing his first F1 experience next weekend at the British GP.

I do own my own fansite to my favourite football club but I wont plug it as I know some websites don't like that kind of thing. I support Aston Villa by the way.

I think that just about covers most stuff so yeah.. Hey! Any questions then be sure to ask away :)
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Re: Brummie on board

Postby racechick »

Welcome Avstu :wavey: good to have you on board and looking forward to hearing some of your views. :)
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Re: Brummie on board

Postby Jabberwocky »

Welcome matey, I am just down the road in Oxford
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Re: Brummie on board

Postby vaptin »

Harzzar! :drink:
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Re: Brummie on board

Postby LiamCatterson »

Well this is new. Not really. Thought I'd add something totally random lol. WELCOME ABOARD :)
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Re: Brummie on board

Postby LewEngBridewell »

Hello mate, welcome to the forum! :wavey:

I hope you like the place and stick around :thumbup:
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Re: Brummie on board

Postby sagi58 »

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